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What do Leasefolks do?

We are America's premier lease transfer marketplace specializing in connecting car lease sellers with interested lease buyers. We will promote your vehicle to thousands of buyers looking to take over a lease. Our website receives over 20,000 unique visits every week from US and Canada.

Why is the best way to transfer my lease?

Transferring your lease is the best way to get out of a lease agreement before the lease end date. Leasefolks will advertise and promote your vehicle until a buyer is found.

  1. We have tens of thousands of registered lease buyers across North America looking to take over a lease.
  2. We specialize in lease takeovers only. It's all we do.
  3. You will receive a full page listing, containing all details about your car and lease. If you don't have a photo of your vehicle, we will post a sample photo.
  4. Our real-time matching service will notify buyers looking for your car once you list. Serious buyers can get in touch with you immediately.
  5. Your vehicle will be featured in our monthly e-newsletter that we send out to thousands of our members. sample
  6. You can post actual photos of your vehicle. (With a Premium listing, you can post up to 2 photos. With a Gold listing, you can post up to 6 photos.)
  7. You will receive email support at We guarantee to respond to your inquiries by the next business day.
Click here for full details about our advertising packages.

What is the process to transfer a lease?

  1. Post your vehicle on website to find someone to take over your lease
  2. Buyers will search vehicle listings and contact you to discuss the details about your vehicle
  3. Respond to buyer inquiries, negotiate terms and come to an agreement on transfer conditions
  4. Once you and the new buyer agree on the terms of the transfer, contact your finance company to initiate the transfer

Can you guarantee success that someone will assume my lease?

To date Leasefolks helped thousands of people successfully get out of their lease through a lease assumption. Please visit our Testimonials page to see what some of our customers have said about using our services.

We are in the business of helping people get in and out of their leases. Several factors affect the success in transferring a leased vehicle. You can increase the likelihood that someone will take over your lease by providing incentives to lease buyers. Some sellers offer a cash incentive to entice someone to take over their lease, others offer to pay all the transfer fees, transportation expenses, etc. Taking this into account will significantly help you find a buyer willing to take over your lease faster.

How do I list my vehicle with Leasefolks?

To list your vehicle, simply click on the Register and Sell button from the home page. From there simply follow a 3-step listing process where you will be asked to provide your contact information and details about your lease. At the end, a fee associated with your listing package is collected. Payment information is handled via secure payment processing service from PayPal. You will not need to open an account with PayPal to submit your payment information.

How do I edit my vehicle listing?

You can edit your listing at any time by logging in with your user id and password you provided during registration. Once you enter your username and password from the home page, you will see [My Listings] link at the top. From there click on [My Listings] to make changes.

How long is my registration valid for?

There is no expiry date on your membership with Leasefolks. Depending on the type of your advertising package, there may be expiration on your vehicle listing. Basic listings are valid for 180 days. Premium and Gold listings will be advertised until the lease is transferred.

Is it possible to terminate a lease early?

Yes. Most leasing companies will allow individuals to end their leases early but this will cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some leasing companies will require you to pay what you still owe on the lease and return their car. Others will charge a huge penalty. One of your best options is to transfer your lease to someone. There are many reasons why individuals may be interested in taking over a leased car. Some are looking for a short-term lease, while others want to save money on downpayment or take advantage of seller incentives.

What fees are involved in a car lease transfer?

There are two types of fees involved in transferring a leased vehicle. First a fee to promote your vehicle to interested buyers on our website. In addition there are fees charged by your leasing company. These fees vary from leasing company to leasing company. Generally they include a credit application fee and a lease transfer fee.

What does a listing cost?

Our Basic Listing is only $59.95 and allows a Seller to advertise their car on our website for 26 weeks. Our Premium Listing is $69.95 and allows a Seller to advertise their vehicle until the lease is assumed. Our Gold Listing (sample) is $99.95 and allows a Seller to upload multiple photos of their vehicle. Click here for complete description of our fees and services. Payment information is handled via secure payment processing service from PayPal. You will not need to open an account with PayPal to submit your payment information. We do not charge any fees other than our listing fee. Once a person has been found that will take over your lease, you can communicate with them directly.

How soon will my vehicle listing appear on the website?

The cars listed on our website are updated in real-time. Your listing will be posted immediately after a payment has been made. If you attached a photo of your vehicle, we will professionally edit and upload your photo on the same business day so that it is displayed with your listing.

How will buyers be able to contact me?

Registered buyers will be able to view your contact information directly from your vehicle listing page. We protect your email address and contact information by requiring registration on our site prior to viewing your contact details. If the buyer is not registered, they will see a Contact Seller button and will be able to view your contact information after registration.

Are cross-country transfers possible?

Each leasing company decides whether or not they will allow you transfer a vehicle between different states or provinces. In most cases, they will allow it. Unfortunately transferring a vehicle between US and Canada is not possible.

Do I still remain liable once my lease has been transferred?

Most leasing companies completely remove the original lessee from liability for the leased vehicle. In some cases, however, there are some leasing companies that choose to leave the original lessee liable as a secondary guarantor. This is an unpopular policy but if your leasing company has that particular policy, you can proceed keeping the following in mind. 1) The new lessee must be credit-approved by the leasing company. That means they have good credit. 2) The people who qualify to take over the lease usually don’t want to destroy their credit rating by defaulting on payments. 3) In the unlikely event that the vehicle gets trashed or stolen, the new lessee's insurance will cover the expenses. 4) More than often the leasing company will completely release you from liability if the new lessee's credit is as good as or better than yours. If you need more specific details on the nature of the liability, you should contact your leasing company.

Is there a phone number to call for questions?

You will receive the best customer service from Leasefolks by contacting us via e-mail using the online form in the About Us section rather than calling by phone. We respond to all e-mail inquiries promptly.

How do I upload multiple photos of my vehicle?

You can upload one photo if you purchased a Basic Listing. With a Premium Listing, you can upload up to 2 photos. With a Gold Listing, you can upload up to 6 photos of your vehicle. All photos will be professionally cropped and added to your listing within a few hours.

How do I cancel my listing?

If your vehicle has been successfully assumed, simply login with your user id and password from our home page. Then select [My Listings] link and click the "Cancel" button for the ad to be cancelled.

For Buyers

Are there any fees for buyers on

Absolutely not! Buyers are free to browse all vehicle listings on To view seller information, buyers will need to register. There are no fees to register and it only takes a few seconds. During registration, they can opt in to receive our monthly email newsletter. Once registered, buyers can view seller information and initiate contact with sellers.

What is the process to take over a lease?

  1. Find the vehicle of your choice using Browse By Browse Byor search features on our website
  2. To view seller information, you will need to either login or register
  3. Contact the seller to arrange car viewing and discuss the process
  4. Once agreed on the transfer, please contact the leasing company to process the paperwork and take possession of the vehicle
  5. Drive away with a great lease

Why should I assume a lease?

Taking over a lease allows you to save thousands of dollars. By taking over a lease you can take advantage of someone's downpayment. No downpayment is needed when you assume a lease. In addition, sellers often offer many incentives that make it more attractive. Some offer a cash incentive of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, others offer to pay the first monthly payment, transportation expenses, etc. Besides taking over a lease allows you to lease a car for short time without any long-term commitment.

If I assume a lease, can I buy the vehicle at the end of the lease term?

If there is a purchase option in the lease agreement, you may purchase the vehicle at the stated purchase price also known as the residual value.

What if I have bad credit?

You will need good credit to take over a lease

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