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Lease 2017 Chevrolet Traverse LT for 18 months for $618.00/mo Lease 2018 Audi Q5 2.0T Technik Quattro for 9 months for $836.31/mo Lease 2019 Ford F-450 for 42 months for $1,114.35/mo
Lease 2018 BMW X6 35iPremium Enhanced for 15 months for $982.00/mo Lease 2018 BMW 440xi for 5 months for $1,220.35/mo Lease 2017 MINI Cooper Convertible for 7 months for $499.99/mo
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Car leasing information

What do LeaseFolks do?
LeaseFolks is America's premier car lease transfer marketplace specializing in connecting car lease sellers with interested buyers. Whether you are looking to get out of a lease or assume a lease on your next vehicle, we can help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

How does LeaseFolks save me thousands of dollars to get out of a lease?
If you decide that your lease no longer fits and try to return it to the original dealer, it will cost you thousands of dollars in early lease termination fees. A much better option is to find someone to assume a car lease. LeaseFolks can help you find a buyer interested in assuming your leased car. Our fees are one of the lowest among other lease assumption marketplaces and your car will be exposed to the national audience of potential buyers.

Is it possible to get out of a lease early?
Many leasing companies will allow individuals to end their leases early but with a substantial amount of money involved. Some leasing companies will require you to pay what you still owe on the lease and return their car. Others will charge a huge early lease termination penalty. A much more attractive option is to transfer a car lease to someone.

Car lease transfer
Car lease transfer creates a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer. If you want to transfer a lease, you will enjoy big savings on lease termination fees. If you are looking to assume a car lease, you can save money on the zero downpayment and take advantage of seller incentives. By taking over a lease you will have the benefits of a short-term lease commitment and lower monthly payments.

Lease assumption
Lease assumption is another term for car lease transfer. With lease assumption, sellers enjoy the freedom of getting out of a lease and saving thousands of dollars and buyers benefit from a short-term lease and seller incentives.

Get out of car lease
Get out of car lease can be very expensive. If you go to the leasing company and say that you don't want the car anymore, most likely they will ask you to pay the balance owing on the lease agreement. A much better alternative is to find someone to take over your lease, which is the main service offered by LeaseFolks.

Auto lease transfer
Auto lease transfer process can save you money. Getting out of a car lease is not as easy as getting in. In order to end a lease, normally you must pay the leasing company what you owe and return their car. This is a very costly lease termination option. One of the best options is to transfer a lease to someone. Sellers can get out for far less than they would have with their dealer. For this reason, they often offer incentives for the person willing to take over the lease. Assume a lease, you can also save big on the original downpayment and car lease transfer fees. You can also take advantage of cash incentives offered by the original lessee.