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Get Out of a Lease

If you want to get out of a lease, we can help you find someone to take over your lease. Many people are looking to get out of a lease for different reasons including loss of a job, divorce, or financial difficulties. If you are stuck with a car lease and want out, one of the best options is to get out of car lease and find a buyer willing to assume your lease payments.

LeaseFolks is in the business of helping people exit their lease early. We offer professional help in finding someone who will take a lease off your hands. We will help you transfer your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Our website receives thousands of visits every week from people looking to take over an auto lease. By advertising on your vehicle will be exposed to a large national audience of potential buyers across the United States and Canada.

Get out of a lease can be very expensive. If you go to the dealer and say that you don't want the leased car anymore, they will probably ask you to pay the balance on the lease agreement. This is where our service can help! LeaseFolks provides an opportunity to get out of a lease early before lease end date with no penalties. We can help you save thousands of dollars in early lease termination fees.

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