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If you are looking to assume a lease, we have hundreds of vehicles to choose from in the US and Canada. You can search our database based on vehicle make, model, location, monthly lease payments, and months remaining.

Drivers enjoy many benefits when they assume a lease on LeaseFolks. New leases are usually offered for durations ranging from 36 to 72 months. However, lease assumption opportunities tend to be offered for shorter durations because the lease has already started. Drivers also benefit from low monthly payment, no downpayment and negotiations with the dealer and even receive cash for taking over a lease. Many sellers are motivated and offer various incentives to attract buyers so they can get out of a lease quickly.

To assume a lease, simply browse our selection of available vehicles and find something you like. Once you've narrowed down your choices, click on Contact Seller button to register. Upon registration you will be able to view seller contact information. Please feel free to contact the seller directly to answer any questions, arrange to see the vehicle and to negotiate the terms of the car lease transfer.

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